Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Aaj Main Khush Hoon

Hmmm….so far I have nagged 4 people into following my blog. However, some of my friends have stopped taking my calls / responding to my messages for the fear of facing my wrath at not doing enough to make this blog more popular. Something tells me I need to work upon my PR skills.

Anyway, I am quite happy today and hence itching to write. It would be unfair & selfish on my part to burden you with my miseries while keeping the good stuff for myself.

I managed to wake up a full 30 minutes late, yet reach office well before time. Somehow, all the 3 modes of transport that I take to work were just waiting for me to arrive. Than, got my long pending confirmation letter, seriously, it was long overdue and I was a little scared about being shown the door (considering that my organization does that to people & I and my boss don’t exactly see eye to eye on a lot of things). Received some appreciation for my work at office, which again is hard to come by here. Finally, managed to get started on the investment bit. It’s the year end and honestly putting things in place is such a hassle in India. Every year you end up filling more and more forms. I mean, doesn’t the government get fed up with so much documentation? They can surely make better use of our tax money than pay those lazy - fat ass - good for nothing - babus working in the IT department.

Anyway, coming back to the point, yeah, so all in all quite a happy day for me. Guess the forces of universe are making up for screwing my 1st working day this year, when I ended up slogging for a good 12 hours for something that was totally not required.

Oh, by the way, I need to tell you that I created a profile on Planetromeo about 2 months back. Don’t get any naughty ideas. It is a desperate attempt to expand my fast shrinking gay social circle, and oh boy, I  got the shock of my life  & some really good laughs too. There is seriously so much to write about it, that it will take at least a couple of posts to summarize everything. Yea, but my next post will contain some really hilarious & dimwitted tag lines that people have (dared) put on their profile.

Chalo than, I hope your day was as good as mine. See ya soon.


  1. U must have seen the face of an angel early in the morning for the day to have progressed so well. Didnt't u?
    Btw, I started following Shobhaa De when she had just 25 followers, now the count is above 1800 or so.

  2. khush raho sadaa.. thru the year n year after year :)