Monday, December 27, 2010

The First Post :)

Hi there and thanks for dropping by.

This is literally the 4th time in the last 1 hour that I am trying to write something intelligent and witty but dammit words are hard to come by.

Actually, its been about two months since I created this profile but like everything else in my life, in my quest to attain perfection before I start - I almost lost interest. So, before my interest in blogging dipped to zero, here I am :)

I did (kinda) blog earlier, but more on that later.

About me, well I am a 30 something gay man from Bombay, with a partner, a boring job with an even more boring organisation. I have a habit of perpetually whining, be it about my job, boss, parents, friends, weight, inflation, government, living conditions, commute, potholes, bad books, bad movies....the list is endless. So if you decide to read / follow my blog, don't say I didn't warn you :)

I intend to keep this blog anonymous at the moment. Of course, close friends who are reading this know who I am. You can also get to know me if I you find me interesting.

This blog is going to be largely about me, my experiences, basically anything that has made me laugh, cry or had an impact on me in my day to day life. I am really not going to write anything about my relationship as I believe it is something very personal. I am also not going to go on and on only about my sexuality or other issues concerning it. There is a lot more to me than that. Of course, since it is an integral part of me and brings some really hilarious people & situations in my life, I will keep updating you time to time. This blog is also aimed at bringing out the (super) bitch in me as mostly I  maintain an uptight, serious persona (yawnzz)..

Although, I love writing, for the last couple of years, lethargy has overtaken everything else in my life. It has honestly taken a lot to create this profile and get writing once again, mostly, because I have been reading a lot of blogs - both good and bad and realised, I can do a lot better. Secondly, blogging is a lot easier than writing serious stuff (something I did earlier). Also, it helps me unwind and I am kinda hoping that now that I have started something I was putting off for long, other things like losing weight will hopefully follow :)

I believe there are two types of writers, the ones who prefer to keep it plain and simple and write in a manner that makes you feel like you are talking to them. The others, who use overly jazzy words and flowery language. I prefer the former, the latter really puts me off, but anyway, to each his own.

I know, this post has not been the most interesting piece of writing. I know I can do a lot better and people who have read my stuff before will vouch for that :). I hope to shake off the rust and get my groove back. Hope you will be back soon - for starters give the guy a pat on his back so he stays motivated :)